Having your house built is not only one of the bigger financial steps most people will ever take, it is also an emotional investment. The last thing you need is to be one of so many that have a list of horror stories about the building process.

We felt comfortable with P.E TIMBER HOMES and in particular Ian Smit, right from the start. This was important ! We did not just want a house from them; we wanted to have a good time seeing it constructed. The nicest surprise was not how relatively painless the planning period with Ian was, but the competent, conscientious and well-mannered on-site team. This made a HUGE difference to our house building experience. No daily fighting with them about substandard work. No complaints from the neighbours about their behaviour. No getting to work late or extended lunch hours. They  just got on with the job.

We love our house. I am an engineer and my wife is a business woman. We do most of our house and business furbishing ourselves. The work that Ian and his team did never dropped a standard in quality and efficiency.

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