In the 2nd half of 2017 I sold my home of 27 years and the hunt began for the perfect place along the Eastern Cape Coast. To build my dream cottage next to the sea. I had a year lease before I will become officially homeless. The hunt for the perfect spot was not as easy as I thought, but on 23 December 2017 I finally manage to purchase the perfect plot.

I have known Ian from earlier business dealings, so naturally I turned to PE Timber Homes for the perfect home. I contacted PE Timber Homes in January 2018 with a brief of how I like to live and use the house including the news that I need to move in by year end. Ian took the news in his stride and came up with a few layout options for me to consider, needless to say, one was exactly what I envisioned when I spoke to him. He clearly listened to what I needed and how I like to live. With Ian’s help this made the architecture and drawing steps quick and easy.

PE Timber Homes also assisted me with all legalities and compliances needed in order to build a home, all the details first time builders would not know, this made the process effortless. Once the building started the teams where on site every day, followed and kept to the building schedule. Ian was very accommodating with small changes made during the build.

20 December 2018, moving day. We arrived at 8 in the morning to Ian’s team doing last minute trim and cleaning up for us. The standard of workmanship and finishing is high. Having the opportunity to witness the build on a daily basis I was surprised by the level and thoroughness of the preparation and materials used.

Having your home built by PE Timber Homes ensures you’ll have a comfortable and durable home for years to come and the peace of mind to know, Ian is only a phone call away to come assist with any issue you might experience during the lifespan of your home. I highly recommend PE Timber Homes for your build, the process is effortless and the team treats you like family.

House du Preez
St Francis

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