In late 2004 after having been possesion of our land for 6 months, we decided to have a house built. Many people think we were mad to invest in a country we hardly knew and a building industry we knew even less about. They have never experienced Africa.  We are very pleased we found and used PE Timber Homes to build our house. If we had another opportunity to do the same we would even though we live 7,000 kilometres away. The care and attention to detail was always high and the build was undertaken as though it actually belonged to the builder. We would strongly recommend that if you are to have a house built then you should consider timber as an option and then use PE Timber Homes as the builder of your dream home.

We regularly go back to Kenton, we enjoy the area and all it has to offer, the wildlife and most of all we love the house and its view!!

Thank you

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