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Willie Rademeyer

Willie Rademeyer

When we decided to build our dream home back in the beginning of 2019, I was naturally cautious as I had heard several horror stories regarding builders and the building trade.

However, we met up with Ian towards the latter part of the year and it was really an eye-opener. The man came across as knowledgeable and professional. We had long discussions and then, in 2020 when he started on our place, he never grew irritable or tired despite many, many questions that I had for him from Centurion in Pretoria.

He was totally upfront and honest as to what would work and what not. We decided to go the WOODEN route as we believed it gave us greater flexibility with more environmental options. Today, 2 months into our new house, I can only feel truly blessed as we enjoy our coastal experience.

Ian's personnel are always friendly and courteous and always ready to assist, no matter how inane the request.

All in all, a beautiful experience.

We have subsequently entertained a number of people at our home, and everyone stands in awe of the versatility of wood finishes throughout the house.

Willie Rademeyer
Remius Projects (Pty) Ltd

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