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Jenny Miller

Jenny Miller

Building my dream house with Ian and his team was indeed an adventure.  From the concept of a wooden house, to the fact that building one still gives one cart blanche to  keep the elevations and indigenous bush intact, it felt like a cutting edge, new and absolutely right  way of building in the new millennium.  Once construction had started, I was always made a welcome participant in the building process. Ian  added his own creative interpretation to my sometimes vague meanderings and the result - although making no one  rich in the process - is a house that I continue to come home to with a sense of wonder and  pride.  It is a testimony to the excellence of PE Timber Homes that although I had a limited budget and  was building a small house, the design and construction went ahead as though I was a millionaire building on Thesen island. There was always the understanding that this house was going to be a home - precious and valued.

Thank you Ian and Sue for:

- only using and recommending subcontractors and pavers, etc who have the same high standards as yourselves.

- recommending that I change my original plan and build higher up my slope than originally planned  where we found a view that "skrik vir niks".

- being patient with my complete ignorance of every single facet of municipal interfaces.

- changing my mind about the perfect blue, a couple of times.

- making sure my house was sparkling clean when i moved into it.

- giving me accurate and complete financial statements.

- sharing my joy and delight in the the view, the synchronicity of design and environment, and ensuring that the PLAN CAME TOGETHER in the most astounding way.

My skeptical friends and family (what? building in WOOD, what? building on a MOUNTAIN, what? a blue house - you are going to need a colour blind helicopter pilot to get you up your driveway) are all a bit silent now as they raise their glasses on my miraculous deck and watch the sun set over the  Swartkops river valley.

I wish you continued success and thank you again for all your efforts, creativity and passion.

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