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Evan Cook

Evan Cook

Hi Ian and Susan

The Cook’s would just like to thank you for the hospitality, professionalism, keen interest paid to the design and implementation of the building of our little place at Paradise Beach.

I had different ideas which were not very practical and potentially very expensive, but the prospect of building a wooden house really appealed to me once we had time to discuss. I can without doubt say that am not sorry we went this route. The homely comfortable atmosphere that comes with this type of design and types of material cannot be achieved with other structures, in my opinion, and one feels relaxed and always “on holiday” with the warmth and timber fragrance that your design has given us.

Wood is also in my opinion the preferred material with which to build near the coast, lending itself harm free by the moist air breeze and degradation that salt water can cause, so maintenance is expected to be hassle free and fairly easy. The cost of major foundation work should also be taken into consideration, so where we built on stilts this has really been quick and hassle free.

We are also impressed with your work ethic and dealing with us over such a long distance, with prompt responses, which really made the process stress free and without any complication and the job was completed on time and as we discussed.

I can only advise your work strongly to any other potential home owners that wish to use wood, it’s the way we should all build.

And thanks once again Ian and Susan

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